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Introductory Books about Alzheimer's Disease

Books for the recently diagnosed, and for persons new to caregiving

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The 36 Hour Day

A family guide to caring for persons with Alzheimer's Disease, related dementing illnesses, and memory loss later in life. This is the most popular book about Alzheimer's caregiving on

Alzheimer's Disease: FAQ

Alzheimer's Disease: FAQ provides you with compassionate, practical answers to your most difficult questions and explains how to cope with the painful personal issues and dilemmas of this disease. This book supplies sympathetic, pragmatic answers about all aspects of Alzheimer's, including the latest medical facts, the many myths associated with the disease, the medical community's current position on treatment, and research developments. It also provides you with how-tos for making legal and medical decisions and finding good care options.

Alzheimer's Early Stages: First Steps in Caring and Treatment

The early stages of Alzheimer's can be the most difficult time for friends and relativesbecause they often don't know much about the disease, or how they can help. This book fills the information gap, with sections on "What is Alzheimer's Disease?", "Giving Care", and Caring for Yourself".

Alzheimer's For Dummies

Alzheimers care the "Dummies" way, with explanations in plain English, "get in, get out" information, icons and other navigational aids, and a dash of humor and fun. It offers pertinent, easy-to-understand advice for dealing with the myriad concerns and responsibilities that a primary caregiver must assume when managing an Alzheimers patient.

The Complete Guide to Alzheimer's - Proofing Your Home

How to create a home environment that will help you cope with the many difficulties of Alzheimer's disease. Includes minimizing accidents and injuries, access denial issues, grab bar basics, activities of daily living, planning for a caregiving future, plus lots more.

In A Tangled Wood

This moving and compassionate memoir offers readers a rare and authentic glimpse into the world and culture of an Alzheimer's special care unit.

Coping With Alzheimer's

Coping With Alzheimer's focuses on the practical decisions that must be addressed right away, from the organization of daily life and medical decisions that must be made to offering advice on the emotional needs of caregivers.

When Someone You Love has Alzheimer's

What you must know, what you can do, what you should expect. Straightforward, compassionate advice if someone you love has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

Alzheimer's Disease - a Guide for Families

This book helps you to overcome the challenges of looking after a loved one with Alzheimer's: communicating, staying healthy, making your home safe, avoiding depression, finding long-term health care, and more.

Alzheimer's Disease - A Guide for Young People

This book for young people explains, through personal stories, who is in a high-risk group, how the disease attacks the brain, and how to help those who suffer from its symptoms.

Understanding Alzheimer's Disease

What happens when someone gets Alzheimer's Disease; what causes AD; caring for someone with AD; sources for information and support.

Understanding "Senility" - A Layperson's Guide

This volume dispels myths about senility, explores early symptoms and later behavior patterns of those with Alzheimer's Disease, and describes treatable conditions that are sometimes mistaken for Alzheimer's

Memory Loss - Normal vs. Abnormal 

Stephen L. DeFelice, M.D., examines the various methods to distinguish between normal forgetfulness and possible disease.

Alzheimer's Disease - Caregivers Speak Out

Alzheimer's Disease: Caregivers Speak Out is a guide for families, friends, professionals, and students to better understanding those who have Alzheimer's disease and the people who care for them. Through their own heartfelt words and experiences, caregivers share feelings and ideas in an effort to teach others about this disease called Alzheimer's.