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What's Wrong With Grandma?

This book follows one family's journey through the early stages of Alzheimer's disease, as told by the youngest child, Ellen. Written for the young child.

The Encyclopedia of Health- Alzheimer's Disease

The Encyclopedia of Healthis a multi-volume set specifically designed to educate young people about basic biology, preventive medicine, medical and surgical treatments and related ethical and public policy issues. The Alzheimer's Disease volume focuses on giving teenagers information about this disease. For grades 7 - 12.

Nanny's Special Gift

A seven-year-old has a picnic with his grandmother at her new home. Fifteen illustrations.

The Memory Box

Gramps has Alzheimer's. He tells Zack it's time for him to help Gramps collect family tales and and traditions. That way, they'll be stored forever. For ages 6-9.

A Beautiful Pearl

Often, a child has something to teach grownups. Lisa and Grandma share a fleeting glance of recognition, a flicker of happiness, a moment of love.

Remember Me

Ellie and her grandmother worry that she might one day forget Ellie. Together they devise ways for Gran to remember important things---and she does, sometimes. Ages 4-7.