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The Memory Box 

Published by Albert Whitman & Co

Publisher's Description:

Zach is excited---three weeks of fishing Gramp's lake and eating Gram's cooking. Their first day together is so good, Gram's calls it a "Memory Box" day. But Zach isn't prepared for the story about the memory box. It's a box to save memories forever; and it's especially for Gramps because he has Alzheimer's disease. The three of them spend their days together filling the box, with new memories and old. And all three support each other, building strength to handle whatever comes.

"Love and reassurance fill these pages-along with the sadness of loss and knowledge that there is more to come." Publishers Weekly

"Cunningham's spare, handsomely designed paintings nicely reflect the text's quiet tone...Upbeat, but also sensible and perceptive." Kirkus Reviews

Mary Bahr, grew up in Bemidji, Minnesota, the setting for this book. She currently lives in Colorado. David Cunningham, the illustrator, lives in Illinois.

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