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A Beautiful Pearl

ByNancy WhitelawPublished by Albert Whitman & Co

Publisher's Description:


Alzheimer's disease in the most common form of dementia, a deterioration in intellectual performance. Some of the symptoms are confusion, loss of memory, disorientation in time and space, personality change, and an inability to maintain personal hygiene.

The case of this brain disease in not known, and no cure has been found. The number of Alzheimer's victims in the United States was estimated at four million in 1990. Ten percent of people over age sixty-five are affected; over age eighty-five, forty-seven percent are victims.

A youngster who loves a victim of Alzheimer's carries a difficult burden. No one can answer the hard questions: Why did Grandma get Alzheimer's? What makes her forget so much? Why can't the doctors make her better? Yesterday she knew me---why doesn't she know me today? Will I get Alzheimer's?

Adults cannot shield a child from this agony. But they can offer sympathy and love. And often, a child has something to teach grownups. In a Beautiful Pearl, Lisa concentrates on the present. She understands that no one has answers to all the questions about Alzheimer's. But she is confident that her grandmother is being taken care of in the best possible way. She and Grandma share a fleeting glance of recognition, a flicker of happiness, a moment of love.---Nancy Whitelaw.

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