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Nanny's Special Gift

Publisher's Description:

Seven-year-old Patrick didn't understand why his Nanny would forget his name, or why she didn't talk, or why she had to go away and live in a "home." His mother knew Patrick wouldn't understand Alzheimer's Disease. She realized, however, that Patrick needed to be with his Nanny.

That's why they decided to have a picnic at the home where Nanny was living. And because Nanny always used to love baking, they made fresh blackberry pies to go with the mint tea. But would Nanny appreciate the pies? Would she ever again remember Patrick as her beloved grandson? The picnic with Nanny would prove to be a moment of gift-giving for all members of the family.

About the Author:

Rochelle Potaracke, FSPA has been involved in teacher education for eighteen years and has been named Teacher of the Year in Wisconsin and in the city of La Crosse. She presently serves as administrator of Sisters' services at St. Rose Convent in La Crosse.

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