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What's Wrong With Grandma? 

by Margaret Shawver

Publisher's description:

" I wish I could reach up and stop the hands of time, and my grandma could be the way she always was, before all this started to happen", fan excerpt from What's Wrong With Grandma?

Every day, children throughout the country are forced to cope with the devastating physical, mental, and emotional concenquences of a family member with Alzheimer's disease. Adult discussions go on all around these children, and many feel confused about what is happening to their elderly relatives or left out when important decisions need to be made.

What's Wrong with Grandma? follows one family's journey through the early stages of Alzheimer's disease, as told by the youngest child, Ellen. Along with her family, Ellen tries to fit together all the scattered pieces of the puzzle concerning grandmother's behavior.

Young Ellen expresses, as only a child can, the frustration, sadness, and even anger felt toward Grandma's peculiar behavior, her lapses of memory, and her unexplained fears. But she also captures the warmth and humor of special moments the family shares with Grandma. Youngsters will learn, as Ellen does, that there are no simple answers, and that with understanding and love families can embrace their elders with Alzheimer's disease and cherish their time together.

Written for the young child, What's Wrong with Grandma reaches out with compassion to those of all ages who have a loved one afflicted with this disease.

About the Author:

Margaret Shawver, whose own mother suffers from Alzheimer's disease, tutors children with an eye toward improving both academic skills and self-esteem.

Jeffrey K. Bagby is a freelance artist from Oklahoma.

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