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Alzheimer's Disease: FAQ

(Frequently Asked Questions)

by Frena Gray-Davidson

Publisher's Description:

If you suspect or have recently discovered that someone you care about has Alzheimer's disease, you are about to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery. Alzheimer's Disease: FAQ provides you with compassionate, practical answers to your most difficult questions and explains how to cope with the painful personal issues and dilemmas of this disease.

Written in the popular question-and-answer format, this book supplies sympathetic, pragmatic answers about all aspects of Alzheimer's, including the latest medical facts, the many myths associated with the disease, the medical community's current position on treatment, and research developments. It also provides you with how-tos for making legal and medical decisions and finding good care options.

As a caregiver, moving on after the devastation of Alzheimer's requires the ability to bring closure to the journey. This book explores ways in which education and acceptance can lead to successful management of the disease, for both patient and caregiver. Through this difficult rite of passage, Alzheimer's Disease: FAQ distills the experiences of hundreds of caregivers facing a wide range of Alzheimer's issues into a meaningful and fulfilling experience.

About the Author:

FRENA GRAY-DAVIDSON, author of Alzheimers Sourcebook for Caregivers, is a self-described "Alzheimer's foor soldier," having learned almost everything she knows about Alzheimer's care from people with the disease. She is the director of SHACTI (Self-Help Alzheimer's Caregivers' Training and Information) and conducts workshops and training sessions nationally and internationally for both family members and health professionals.

THE AUTHOR SAYS: "I learned Alzheimer's from people with Alzheimer's. I listened, watched, interacted and responded for twelve years. From this, I have discovered the unique mysteries of Alzheimer's communication, what so-called problem behaviors are really about and how people with Alzheimer's can be nurtured to grow in heart and spirit, even within the losses of this illness. I'm happy to share this knowledge with others."


"Frena Gray-Davidson is a talented, knowledgeable and warm person..." American Society of Aging.

"Frena has applied her own creative insight to the problems of daily living associated with Alzheimer's disease to develop an innovative and insightful approach to planned caregiving for affected individuals." Jan Lord, MD, Specialist in Rehabilitation Medicine

"I believe Frena's work is unique and valuable in terms of the understanding she has of...those who have Alzheimer's disease. It is rare to find someone who can constantly search for hands-on solutions to caregiving which support both the person with Alzheimer's and the caregiver." Connee Pence, Director, Mount Diablo Alzheimer Day Care Program

"Frena has a unique and charismatic style...I highly recommend her." Sheila Baltimore, Co-ordinator, Berkeley Recovery Center, California

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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1. Light for the Journey
Chapter 2. The Caring Bystander
Chapter 3. Alzheimer's Up to Date
Chapter 4. Family Crisis, Alzheimer Style
Chapter 5. Education and Acceptance: The Secret of Alzheimer Success
Chapter 6. Talking Alzheimer Talk
Chapter 7. Dealing with Difficult Problems
Chapter 8. Help from Alternative Medicine
Chapter 9. Is Anybody Home? The Inner Journey of Alzheimer's
Chapter 10. Unconditional Love
Chapter 11. Letting Go
Chapter 12. Approaching the End
Chapter 13. Achieving a Sense of Closure
Appendix A Bibliography
Appendix B Resources
Appendix C Agency on Aging
About Frena Gray-Davidson:
The Alzheimer's Sourcebook, Lowell House, first published 1996, 3rd edition 1999.
Alzheimer's Disease FAQ: Making Sense of the Journey, Lowell House, 1998, 2nd ed. 1999.
Forthcoming: When Your Parent Has Alzheimer's, Sage Books, 1999
14 Published fiction and non-fiction books, many in the field of health and healing.
Born and educated in Britain, worked as a journalist, travel writer and broadcaster in Asia for 15 years before coming to live in the US in 1 1986.
Hands-on caregiver for twelve years at home, in respite programs, in longterm care institutions and in small care homes
Support Group Facilitator for the Alzheimer's Association for five years.
Founding Director of Alzheimer's Education nonprofit SHACTI
Founder and editor of MEMO, a newsletter for the Adult Children of Parents With Alzheimer's
Certified Activity Director
Ombudsman for Longterm Care, State of Oregon
Manager Small Care Home, Oregon
Alzheimer's Disease Society of Great Britain
Department of Aging, American Samoa
Department of Aging, State of Hawaii
State Association of Nursing Homes, Florida
Alzheimer's Association of North Dakota
Alzheimer's Association of Montana
Ombudsman for Longterm Care, State of Montana
Morton Plante Hospital, Florida
Bethany Homes, Minnesota
Lane Community College, Oregon
Alzheimer's Care Facilities
Small Care Homes
Respite Programs Alzheimer Conferences
Community Awareness
Public Lectures
Television Appearances, PBS
Radio Talk Shows, National Public Radio