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Alzheimer's for Dummies

Publisher's description:

If you have a family member or close friend who’s suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and you’re looking for current, useful information, then Alzheimer’s For Dummies is for you. This reference guide also is helpful if you:

· Need to know more about its diagnosis and treatment

· Want to take care of yourself while taking care of your loved one

· Are not the primary caregiver but want to know how to help

· Want to know how Alzheimer’s Disease is going to affect you and your loved one

Alzheimer’s For Dummies takes a realistic look at Alzheimer’s Disease, what it is and what it isn’t. It offers pertinent, easy-to-understand advice for dealing with the myriad concerns and responsibilities that a primary caregiver must assume when managing an Alzheimer’s patient. Here’s a sampling of the information you’ll find in this valuable guide:

· Maneuvering through medical, legal, and financial tangles

· Distinguishing AD from other brain diseases and medical conditions

· Handling the fears that may accompany the diagnosis

· Evaluating current drug therapies; watching out for scams and quack treatments

· Finding the best doctors; dealing with attorneys and CPAs

· Looking at Medicare regulations

· Evaluating the cost of care

· The current state of research, diagnosis, and treatment

Television personality Leeza Gibbons, whose mother was stricken with AD, writes in the foreword of this book, “There is no upside to keeping your head in the sand. This book is a crucial step in your new fight. Arm yourself with the knowledge waiting for you in these pages. It will help you find answers and resources as you adjust to your new reality.”

About the Author:

Patricia B. Smith is an award-winning medical writer.

Mary Mitchell Kenan, PsyD, is the Director of Education for Baylor College of Medicine’s Alzheimer’s Disease Center.

Mark Edwin Kunik, MD, MPH, is a geriatric psychiatrist at the Houston Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) and Baylor College of Medicine.

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