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Alzheimer's Disease

By Elaine Landau

Publisher's description:

Alzheimer's Disease introduces and explains this mysterious disease: who is in a high-risk group, how it attacks the brain, and how to help those who suffer from its symptoms.

Through personal stories - some tragic, some hopeful - Alzheimer's Disease shares how the illness affects many more lives than just the patient's. Yet the stories are not all hopeless. In one case, the process of taking care of their ill mother gave family members the opportunity to express their love collectively and say goodbye. In addition, consciousness is being raised across the country about the disease.

Alzheimer's Disease is a source of information that clearly presents all that is currently understood about the disease. In addition, the author provides the addresses of support groups and national organizations that can provide help both for the victims and their families.

About the Author:

The author Elaine Landau worked as a newspaper reporter, an editor, and a youth services librarian before becoming a full time author. She has written more than seventy nonfiction books for young people, including Tuberculosis and We Have AIDS. Ms. Landau lives in New Jersey.

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