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Understanding Alzheimer's Disease 

Published by the University Press of Mississippi

Publisher's Description:

What Happens When Someone Gets Alzheimer's Disease---What Causes Alzheimer's Disease---Caring for Someone with Alzheimer's Disease---Treatments---Searching for a Cure---Sources for Information and Support

Alzheimer's disease has received growing attention in recent years because the afflicted population is growing quickly as life spans creep ever forward. Nearing the retirement age, many start to fear that any minor memory lapse - misplacing the keys or forgetting a name - may spell Alzheimer's. In reality such incidents are a normal part of the aging process. In Alzheimer's disease, however, such incidents progress to a point at which they interfere with normal daily activities, and memory loss becomes progressively more disabling.

This book describing the most current knowledge of how and why Alzheimer's arises is written for those who have the disease, for their families and caregivers, for professionals who serve such people, for teachers, and for anyone with a general interest in the disease. An important feature of this book is clear explanation of the basic biology of Alzheimer's. A large section is devoted to the subject of caring for afflicted individuals, including legal and financial-planning advice and pointers for finding outside support services.

With its chapters on causes and on the search for treatments, this guide will be of interest to a wide section of the population.

About the Authors:

Neal R. Cutler is Director of California Clinical Trials, Beverly Hills, CA and International Clinical trials, London, England.

John J. Sramek, Pharm.D. is Director of Reasearch at both companies.

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