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Memory Loss Normal vs Abnormal Memory Loss

Stephen L. DeFelice, M.D. & Sue Nirenberg

Publisher's description:

  • How to distinguish between normal forgetfulness and severe memory loss
  • How to control forgetfulness
  • How to remember
  • Facts and myths about "inevitable" memory loss and old age
  • "I go from one room into another, only to arrive there and not have the slightest idea of what I was coming to get or to do."

    "I went to Beth's eye doctor. He asked about her and I said, 'She just bought a new house.' I couldn't think of the name of the town so I had to say 'upstate.'"

    "I couldn't think of the words 'acquit' and 'convict'. I was trying to use them in a sentence. I had to ask, 'What is the word when a jury says you're guilty?' I felt like a fool."

    You can't remember, and it's driving you crazy. It's embarrassing, it affects your self-esteem and it worries you that perhaps- just perhaps- these little lapses might mark the beginning stages of a more serious condition.

    Dr. DeFelice examines the various methods to distinguish between normal forgetfulness and possible disease. How can forgetfulness be controlled? Are there foolproof methods to help us remember? Is "inevitable" memory loss with age simply a myth?

    These and other related questions which can cause so much worry and confusion are answered by Dr. DeFelice in clear and simple language.

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