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Essentials for the Activity Professional in Long-Term Care 

by Susan E. Lanza

Thoroughly researched and referenced, this book provides a comprehensive understanding of all relevant information needed by activity professionals. It outlines key subject matter for activity professionals in the long-term care setting. Section 1 covers the fistory of the field, the aging process, and getting to know residents. It also touches on management and environmental issues,. Section 2 focuses on activity planning and implementation, as well as budgeting, program development and group leadership. Program evaluation and enhancement are presented in Section 3, which also reviews regulatory compliance, quality assurance, and typical problems and their solutions.

  • First book to offer comprehensive training information for activity professionals
  • Key terms and full glossary included for reference
  • Self-assessment exam lets readers measure their knowledge
  • appendices offer key contact information

From the Introduction:

"Essentials for the Activity Professional in LongTerm Care covers the basics for the aspiring professional or student, as well as more advanced information for activities professionals or those employed in the field. The administrator-in-training and the working administrator would also benefit from reading this text. The book would be of great benefit to activities instructors and those leading seminars, as well as educators teaching classes in college.

I particularly enjoyed reading Essentials because the scope of the work is so comprehensive-everything one needs to know is right here! Health care is changing almost daily; new technologies enter our door, but the hands-on approach that all disciplines enjoy in long-term care will not disappear. The changing population in nursing homes (a higher percent today of residents with dementia) dictate that activity professionals gear their programs to different and demanding behaviors.

The author has effectively used her management skills to present budgeting and quality assurance in an interesting manner. She has used her activities background to cover topics dealing with programming, planning, and implementation.

I was struck with the completeness of this text: it is progressive; it is thorough; it is well written; and it is well organized. Essentials belongs in your long-term care library.

Robert M. Piegari, LNHA, President, Francis E. Parker Memorial Home Piscataway, NJ

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