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Contemporary Environments 

For People with Dementia

Published by The Johns Hopkins University Press

The authors describe and analyze twenty environments for people with dementia, including day care and respite care centers, community - based homes, innovative long - term care facilities, and other housing options. They identify current and emerging trends, address key issues of importance common to all such environments, and employ a rigorous critical framework that allows them to pinpoint both the positive and the negative aspects of various design and programmatic solutions. As America's aging population continues to grow, thousands of facilities across the country will be adding or renovating dementia units in the near future. Contemporary Environments for People with Dementia will be of interest to professionals in the fields of environmental planning and design as well as those in the health services.

About The Authors:

Uriel Cohen is professor of architecture and director of the Institute on Aging and Environment at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. He is co-author of Holding On to Home: Designing Environments for People with Dementia (available from Johns Hopkins) and corecipient of four Progressive Architecture applied research awards for his work on the environmental needs of specialized user groups.

Kristen Day has been active in research on the development of environments for people with dementia and is coauthor of numerous articles and book chapters on the subject. The authors are recipients of the 1991 Research Award from the American Institute of Architects / Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture Health Facilities Research Program.

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