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Dementia and Aging 

Ethics, Values and Policy Choices

Publisher's Description:

Several million Americans are afflicted with Alzheimer's Disease or a related dementing disorder. For families, professional caregivers, policy makers, and the patients themselves, the challenges are immense and the economic costs are staggering. In Dementia and Aging Robert H. Binstock, Stephen G. Post, and Peter J. Whitehouse bring together experts in gerontology, geriatrics, psychiatry, neurology, nursing, ethics, philosophy, public policy, and law to examine the ethical, moral, and policy controversies surrounding dementia.

The authors first present background information on dementia and related ethical and policy issues. The remainder of the book is divided into three parts. Part One conveys the difficulties experienced by dementia patients and their caregivers. Part Two deals with ethical and moral issues involved in decisions regarding treatment and care, including the highly controversial subject of euthanasia. Part Three lays out societal choices regarding the allocation of resources for treatment, care, and research on dementia.

"As we progress toward the twenty first century, we do so knowing that the growing elderly population will pose new challenges and obstacles for aging-related professions. Dementia and Aging provides experts within the medical, social, and legal professions, as well as caregivers, with thought provoking and useful information."

Edward F. Truschke, President, Alzheimer's Association

About The Authors:

Robert H. Binstock, Ph.D., is Henry R. Luce Professor of Aging, Health and Society, and professor of biomedical ethics, medicine, and sociology at Case Western Reserve University.

Stephen G. Post, Ph.D., is associate professor of biomedical ethics in the School of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University, and the author of The Moral Challenge of Alzheimer Disease.

Binstock and Post are the editors of Too Old for Health Care? Controversies in Medicine, Lay Economics, and Ethics, also available from The Johns Hopkins University Press.

Peter J. Whitehouse, M.D., Ph.D., is director of the Alzheimer Center at University Hospitals of Cleveland, and associate professor of neurology, psychiatry, and psychology at Case Western Reserve University.

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