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Doing Things  Doing Things

A Guide to Programming Activities for Persons with Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders

By Jitka M. Zgola. Published by The Johns Hopkins University Press

Publisher's Description:

Doing Things shows how to provide a positive environment for Alzheimer's victims by offering opportunities for social interaction and constructive, enjoyable activities. Zgola outlines the ways in which a patient's functional impairment can be assessed; the strengths, weaknesses and needs most commonly encountered among Alzheimer's victims' and way activities can be tailored to accommodate them.

She offers step-by-step instructions for selecting and presenting appropriate activities and includes cooking and crafts projects, a sample exercise routine, and a sample daily schedule. the techniques she describes are designed to promote a sense of security and self-esteem by avoiding possible sources of confusion or confrontation.

Based upon the highly successful program developed at one day-care facility for victims of the disease, Doing Things offers an invaluable guide for professionals and volunteers supervising activities at day-care centers and extended-care facilities, as well as for individuals who are caring for patients at home.

Throughout, Zgola's emphasis is on treating Alzheimer's sufferers with empathy, courtesy and dignity.

"It is vitally important that we understand the ways in which programs can benefit people with Alzheimer's Disease - not by altering the course of the disease but by improving the quality of life. This book tells in clear, step-by-step language how to provide this care." Nancy L. Mace, coauthor of The 36-Hour Day

About The Author:

Jitka M. Zgola, formerly an occupational therapist in the Alzheimer's "Day Away" and Home Assistance programs of Ottawa, currently works at the Psychogeriatric Clinic of the Ottawa General Hospital.

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