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My Journey Into Alzheimer's Disease 

Helpful Insights for Family and Friends

Publisher's Description:
"...A Walk Of Faith Into Alzheimer's Disease..."

Robert Davis was a pastor of one of Miami's largest churches, an outstanding preacher, a dynamic man, with a growing ministry.

But subtle changes began to take place within his brilliant mind---bizarre symptoms and behaviors patterns---and his phenomenal memory began to fade. After months of testing, the doctor broke the news---Alzheimer's, permanent and irreversible. "I wish I could tell you it's cancer," his doctor said.

This book offers unusual inspiration, written by a man who remains a ministering servant to the end---using his last lucid thoughts to share with us his walk of faith into Alzheimer's Disease.


"It is true---we haven't addressed the spiritual side of our population. Your book will help." A nurse of an Alzheimer's unit.

"We continue to have a grand response whenever we present your book to our folks here." Lane G Adams, pastor, Ellicott City, Maryland

"I just read your book and was deeply moved. It will be of great help to many people. Much love to you and Bob. My prayers are with you during these difficult days." Art Linkletter

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