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Therapeutic Caregiving: A Practical Guide for Caregivers Therapeutic Caregiving

Barbara J. Bridges, R.N.

Publisher's Description:

Alzheimer's patients, others with dementia causing diseases, and their caretakers have a lot to thank Barbara Bridges for. "Practical" is the key word in the title of her ground-breaking new book: THERAPEUTIC CAREGIVING: A Practical Guide for Caregivers of Persons with Alzheimer's and Other Dementia Causing Diseases goes far beyond the usual clinical descriptions and admonitions to caretakers to to care of themselves.

Bridges, an R.N. whose parents have both suffered from dementia, has developed an array of techniques for prolonging self-care capabilities and slowing the effects of physical and mental degeneration. Cueing, as Bridges uses the term, is the early establishment of written or verbal routines which enable those affected be dementia to continue activities of daily living well into the disease process. Prompting to stimulate memory processes is described as well.

Routines of all kinds---exercise, eating, dressing, oral hygiene, etc.---are recommended and described. Separate chapters are devoted to detailed descriptions and illustrations of various ways to enhance physical and mental functioning with the caregiver's support and management.

This book also includes extensive appendices including bibliographies and a whole series of exercise routines.

The only difficulty with this book is actually more of a problem with out English language. We don't seem to have any short way of saying "Persons with dementing illness." The author's efforts to maintain accuracy of language and the dignity of "persons with dementing illness" result in sentences that are more than a mouthful. But, even if the reading is occasionally slow-going, the information is worth the effort.

With 50% of the population over age 85 at risk, and all of us headed in that direction, THERAPEUTIC CAREGIVING offers hope for prolonging the capabilities and quality of life of those afflicted, and making the lives of the caregivers more fulfilling and rewarding.


"THERAPEUTIC CAREGIVING "is a very practical book, providing in-depth details of caregiving. Miss Bridges understands caregiver needs and difficulties and both challenges and rewards caregivers for keeping their loved ones independent and functional. We recommend this book along with the 36 Hour Day, as the two "bibles" essential for caregivers." Roland Kleger, Executive Director, West Hawaii Chapter, Alzheimer's Association.

"THERAPEUTIC CARE GIVING...," is a superbly practical book for family members as well as professional caregivers. Caregivers who have read this book refer to the content as "meat and potatoes," "nuts and bolts," and "how-to's" of caregiving. We, at the Utah Chapter, feel so positively about the book that we obtained a grant to place in in nearly all public libraries in our state to be used as a primary resource for caregivers." Tom Cotterill, Executive Director, Utah Chapter, Alzheimer's Association.

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