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Coping with Communication Challenges in Alzheimer's Disease

by Marie T. Rau

Publisher's Description:

This volume is written by a professional speech-language pathologist with more than 25 years experience in working with adults with communications disorders and with their families. If you, or someone you know, is caring for someone with Alzheimer's Disease or a related dementia, this book will be helpful. If you are frustrated or discouraged because your family member is unable to understand what you want him to do or is not able to express himself clearly because of a dementing illness, this book will offer concrete and practical suggestions to help[ you communicate more effectively. If you are having difficulty meeting some of the other communication challenges faced by the caregiver of a person with dementia, such as communicating with other family members, health care providers, and legal advisers, this book will provide some answers. As you read through this volume, you will see that you and your family member do not need to face the many communication challenges which Alzheimer's Disease presents by yourselves.


3-Communication in Early Alzheimer's Disease
4-Communication in the Middle Stages of Alzheimer's Disease
5-Communication in Severe Alzheimer's Disease
6-Keeping Communication Channels Open:General Principles and Guidelines
7-Communication Strategies in the Early Stages of Dementia
8-Communication Strategies in the Middle Stages of Dementia
9-Maintaining Communication When Dementia is Severe
10-Communicating with Family and Friends
11-Other Sources of Support and Communication
12-Communicating with Health Care Professionals
13-Communicating with Legal and Financial Advisers
14-Communicating with Government and Private Service Agencies
15-The Relationship Between Problem Behaviors and Communication Difficulty
16-Some Concluding Thoughts
17-Useful Resources
Appendix: A Glossary of Terms

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