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 Handle With Care 

A Question Of Alzheimer's

Publisher's description:

In Handle With Care, Dorothy S. Brown writes about what she has learned from observation and experience in the ten years of her mother's irreversible illness. In her sensitive, personal, and loving story, the author distills many helpful and encouraging insights for those who are involved with the deteriorating mind of an aging loved one. She discusses the recognition of early symptoms, the need for competent diagnosis, legal and insurance questions, the pros and cons of home care versus nursing homes, family and other outside help, and those terrible guilt feelings. Two chapters devoted to the present state of research and treatment hold out hope for better diagnosis and eventually more effective treatment. The author handles this growning problem with care, with understanding, and with a delightfully upbeat attitude.


"I could hardly put it down. For anyone who cares for the person with a failing mind, I recommend this book most highly for the support, encouragement, and sensitive insights it provides," Nancy Fox, author of You, Your Parent and the Nursing Home.

"This is both a helpful and a life-affirming book...Dorothy S. Brown is to be commended for the honesty and sensitivity with which she tells the story of her ailing mother and herself," Dr. Rose Dobrof, Director Brookdale Center on Aging, Hunter College,New York City.

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