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Caring for the Alzheimer's Patient-A Practical Guide 

Edited by Raye Lynne Dipple and J. Thomas Hutton

Published by Golden Age Books

Publisher's Description:

Six million Americans are now caregivers for Alzheimer's patients, and their ranks will swell as the number of older people at risk for developing this dreaded disease rises drastically. Few jobs are more emotionally or physically demanding. While more medical research is being done, Caregivers remain in desperate need of helpful suggestions and emotional support.

So this new edition of Caring for the Alzheimer's Patient will be an indispensable aid to family members of the Alzheimer's patient and to professionals in all aspects of Alzheimer's services.

Seventeen chapters by highly qualified experts offer up-to-date information on the medical aspects of the dementia caused by Alzheimer's: the importance of exercise and proper diet for patients; optimal living environments for patients; techniques for enhancing memory, orientation, and communication in patients,; selecting the appropriate nursing home, the benefits of support groups for Alzheimer's families; and much more.

"This book is a must., Not just for caregivers, it should serve as a valuable reference for every physician providing care to Alzheimer's patients or their caregivers. Not only does it offer practical solutions, but it also offers hope to people caring for victims of this tragic disease." The Journal of Family Practice.

"This book has a definite place in the libraries of nursing homes, not only for administrators, but also for families and staff...instructional, empathic in its approach, and well written." The Journal of Long-Term Care Administration.

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