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Also My Journey Also My Journey

Publisher's description:

Dick Atkins changed. Gradually, but relentlessly, he became a different man. For over fifty years he had been a joyous person; loving and giving, caring and compassionate. But insidiously there came the forgetfulness, the confusion, the periods of withdrawal and moodiness---the suspicion. Then, finally, it all erupted in one terrible evening of violence which, though it had been medically predicted, his wife had never believed could happen...These symptoms are among the ones all too dreadfully familiar to those close to victims of Alzheimer's

Here is a story---told in tender, careful detail---of hope for persons whose lives are touched by Alzheimer's. It is only recently that we have discovered more about this disorder. But even less do we know the inside story: the very human feelings and reactions that this frightening disease evokes---the challenges that the loved ones of its victims must confront. For Marguerite Atkins, it was love for her husband, a deep faith and day by day dependence upon God, and her church, which sustained her. Her prayers were ultimately answered in a totally unexpected and fulfilling way.

Marguerite Atkins has bravely shared her moving experience. She has opened to us the (private) doors of her heart and her understanding, with the hope that by doing so, others who need strength and wisdom may find help.

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