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Where Did Mary Go? 

A Loving Husband's Struggle With Alzheimer's

Publisher's description:

"Nothing in my military background or in my business experience could have prepared me for the unbelievable challenges I lived through during those years. There were many things to learn but so little time to grasp them. Of necessity I had to perform a variety of caregiving functions that I was ill-prepared to assume and I found myself having to make decisions on a great many levels, some involving life-and-death situations." F rank A. Wall

In late 1984, sixty-four-year-old Mary M. Wall first experienced symptoms of her brain degeneration. For the next seven years--until her death in 1992---she would be the victim of a triple assault on her mind and body as she suffered from a combination of Parkinson's disease, Multi-infarct-dementia (frequent small strokes), and Alzheimer's disease.

In Where Did Mary Go? Frank A. Wall shares his very personal account of their struggle with Mary's illness, beginning with the chilling recognition that "something is wrong with Mary." Determined to be the primary caregiver of his wife, he candidly discusses the stress and emotion-filled time as Mary gradually slipped away from him and their children.

Wall gives the reader a roadmap explaining what to expect as the illness progresses, including some of the signals, symptoms, and reactions to mental confusion, incontinence, falling, wandering, and other related problems. He conveys Mary's reaction at various stages of her illness and her ability to cope with the disease and their effects on her family. Especially revealing is the pictorial section showing Mary's decline from a vibrant, healthy individual through the torturous progression of her mental and physical decline until her death.

Wall shares many of the practical lessons learned during his caregiving, and with this hands-on experience provides new caregivers with insights about what to expect and how to cope with caring for their loved ones, while also caring for themselves.

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