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Beyond The Thin Line Beyhond the Thin Line

Publisher's description:

Robert E. Gard has written a powerful book about "one of the great human dramas and tragedies of out time"---Alzheimer's Disease. It is sure to be welcomed by the families of patients, by those who care for patients, and by all who seek a deeper and more human understanding of this baffling disorder.

In fictional synthesis, Gard traces the life of "Harry McDare," a patient in a skilled nursing facility rest home. Harry was a World War ll prisoner of war and a participant in the infamous 1945 "Black March" of POWs from the Stalag Luft lV. A strong and well-liked figure during his military service and working career, Harry closes his life in the shadow of Alzheimer's. It is Harry's story---which has many parallels to that of a close friend of the author's---that forms the core of this enriching exploration.

"Knowing that there is no known cure," says Gard, "many simply draw a curtain across their lives of stricken friends or relatives; simply write them off as never more having dreams, or even pasts that can be recalled. I do not buy or sympathize with that attitude."

It is Gard's carrying nature, his long-held ability to look deeply into the lives of others, and his facility in expressing the fullness of these lives, that lends to this book a richness and meaning seldom found in approaching so difficult a subject. There has never been another book like it.


"Robert Gard, founder of the Wisconsin Idea Theatre, has produced an electrifying drama about people. He has given them a stage filled with both light and shadow. And he has delayed their final curtain long enough for us to bask in the joy of their presence. This is NOT a scientific treatise on a morose subject: it IS a good novel," Clarence De Spain, Wisconsin Academy Review

"Gard has taken us as far as we might, realistically, ever go into the mind and spirit of the Alzheimer's victim---without being one ourselves," Jim Blatt, The Capital Times.

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