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When Memory Fails When Memory Fails

By Dr. Allen Jack Edwards

Publisher's Description:

Millions of people suffer from the memory loss of dementia, yet this devastating ailment remains shrouded in fear and mystery. In this sensitive, eloquent, and accessible guide, Dr. Allen Jack Edwards, a recognized expert on dementia, offers groundbreaking approaches to helping victims of this ailment and the diseases of which dementia is a symptom, including Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, multiinfarct dementia, Pick's disease, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, AIDS, Down's syndrome, and normal pressure hydrocephalus. Every person with a loved one who suffers from dementia can now finally understand this serious problem and learn to deal effectively with its consequences.

Dr. Edwards describes the researchers' efforts to discover the elusive cause of dementia. But, more important, he explains the profound changes dementia brings to victims' lives. Edward captures the eerie disorientation of living in a world where memory fades and awareness of time and space slips away. The outcomes of dementia can be devastating---precious memory fades and dies, once-competent employees become unable to do their jobs, and familiar basic tasks such as eating, dressing, and even speaking may be lost. Such effects demand that family and caretakers be prepared for anything. Based on expertise gained through years of research and experience with sufferers, Dr. Edwards explains clearly how to cope with wandering, agitation, restlessness, and abusiveness. Moreover, his analysis of support options for the caretaker is unparalleled.

With skill and authority, Dr. Edwards guides us through diagnosis and treatment, supplying the answers to such crucial questions as: "Which symptoms serve as early warning signs? How are people tested for this disease? What are the most effective methods for helping a loved one cope with this disease.? What are the crucial questions to ask of doctors and other health professionals?

Through this book, we can arm ourselves with knowledge and understanding, empowering ourselves to provide compassionate care for these patients.

A helpful book of useful information for families of Alzheimer's patients." T.L.Brink,Ph.D., Editor,"author, "Hispanic Aged Mental Health."

"Dr. Edwards has written a remarkable book that lucidly traverses the territory between the rigors of scientific inquiry and the compassionate presentation of crucial information needed by every caregiver...I enthusiastically recommend this book to both clinicians and caregivers." Paul J. Companik,Ph.D.,Associate Professor of Psychology, Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield, Missouri.

About The Author:

Allen Jack Edwards,Ph.D., is the founder and former Director of the Center for Gerontological Studies at Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield, Missouri.

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