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Catch A Falling Star  Catch a falling Star

Living With Alzheimer's

Publisher's description:

Just as "The 36-hour Day" provided a wealth of practical information on the long-mysterious Alzheimer's disease, Catch a Falling Star will deepen, for both patient and caregiver, understanding of day-to-day living with Alzheimer's. Based on Betty Baker Spohr's personal journals, written as she cared for her husband Hank, this book records their experiences as they met the challenge of Hank's inevitable decline. A story of love, courage, and truth that will comfort, inspire, and inform those who come in contact with Alzheimer's sufferers.


"A brave, helpful and even humorous account of "the long goodbye," written with love for the person lost and compassion for the caregivers who face this most cruel of diseases. A valuable, practical addition to the limited but growing library of Alzheimer's literature," Tim Ryan, CBS Sports, husband of early-onset Alzheimer's victim.

"Alzheimer's is an insidious disease that goes on for a very long time. This readable picture of the "everyday" effects of memory loss provides insight and technique for coping with this be shared with family and friends," Anonymous, daughter whose parents were both Alzheimer's victims.

"The feelings and reactions described in this absorbing pictorial account are universal...a must read for overwhelmed families and professionals," Lisa Gwyther, MSW, Dir. Family Support, Duke University Center for Aging.

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