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Caring For Those With Alzheimer's

A Pastoral Approach

Publisher's Description:

Some four million people in the United States suffer from Alzheimer's disease. Millions of others---family, friends, caregivers---are indirectly affected by this cruel disease. Most of these people (like myself) never thought about Alzheimer's until it affected their own lives. You, the reader, may find yourself in this position some day. You owe it to yourself to inform yourself on the best ways to meet this obligation.


2-Background Information
3-Keeping Perspective
4-Listen to Your Feelings
5-Spirituality and the Caregiver
6-Psychotherapy and Pastoral Care
7-Practical Tips
8-Nursing Homes
9-A Word to Pastors
10-A Sample Homily
11-Scripture Readings
Suggested Readings/Resources

About the Author:

"I know what it's like to be a caregiver of an Alzheimer's patient. I wrote this book with two purposes in mind: to help Alzheimer's caregivers in their duties, and to show pastors and counselors how the spiritual and emotional needs of the caregiver can be met. I don't pretend to give a complete and exhaustive treatment of Alzheimer's disease and the problems it causes. This book will have served its purpose if it gives enough information and tips to make the life of the Alzheimer's patient as bearable as possible, and to help caregivers retain their faith in human dignity and in God as they try to cope with this devastating disease." Joan D.Roberts.

Joan D. Roberts is a pseudonym, used to protect the confidentiality of the persons described in this book.

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