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Ginny - A Love Remembered 

Publisher's Description:

Ginny: A Love Remembered is Bob Artley's memoir of life with his beloved Ginny and the battle with Alzheimer's that consumed her.

From their first meeting in 1943---when Bob was a young serviceman and Ginny a WAC volunteer---to Ginny's final home in a care facility, Bob recounts his story of their marriage. Into the loving life they built, filled with family and careers, came the undeniable evidence of Ginny's mental decline. Faced with the pain and the confusion of Ginny's illness, Bob and his family had to learn to cope with the grim details and long good-bye of Alzheimer's disease.

For the author, one way to cope is remembering the joyful details of his marriage. With the help of family letters and diaries, he recalls the triumphs, setbacks, and humor of life with Ginny. Like the artist defined by Irving Stone---" A lover who wants the world to see the beauty of his beloved"---Bob Artley paints an enduring picture of a special partner and a treasured relationship.

"Love go with me through the night." Ginny Artley

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