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Alzheimer's: Another Opportunity To Love

by Grayce Bonham Carter

Publisher's description:

Only from the heart of personal experience could anything be written that would inspire, encourage, and challenge families and friends of Alzheimer's victims.

Grayce Bonham Carter has painted a tribute that will cause you to laugh and cry as she shares from her journals the story of the "Dear One," her husband, afflicted with this mysterious disease.

She says, "Love is the catalyst---the strong thread of your tapestry of commitment, constant effort, and courage to persevere."

As Grayce opens the door of their home to share their story, she offers words of wisdom to families who find themselves in the center of the same crisis. She offers hope that even in the failing years there can be love, laughter, and peace.

Grayce Bonham Carter, is a graduate of the University of Illinois and a former schoolteacher. Following her husband's prolonged illness and decease with Alzheimer's disease. she became an active volunteer with the Alzheimer's Help-Line. She is the author of two prior books: Faith and Fried Potatoes and Quilt of Many Colors.

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