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The Alzheimer's Sourcebook for Caregivers 

Frena Gray-Davidson

Lowell House

Publisher's Description:

Frena Gray-Davidson has lived and worked with people with Alzheimer's for eight years. She is the Director of SHACTI (Self-Help Alzheimer's Caregivers' Training and Information), a non-profit Alzheimer's education organization established in 1989, and has been a longtime support-group facilitator for the Alzheimer's Association. The Alzheimer's Sourcebook for Caregivers is a fact-based, hands on, caregiving book written by an in-home Alzheimer's caregiver. It is uniquely able to help you understand what is happening to the person with Alzheimer's. That in turn, helps you learn the essentials of caregiving:

  • How to find solutions to your daily problems.
  • How to deal with difficult behaviors.
  • How to make this complex time more rewarding for both of you.

Frena Gray-Davidson helps you work through the personal issues around caregiving so that you and the person you care for can come to a place of peace and resolution. You will learn to recognize and manage stress, find out how to help yourself, get help from outside, and nurture your own well-being.

Using her own experience and that of hundreds of other home caregivers, Frena Gray-Davidson presents you with the resources to be protective, concerned, and nurturing, and to accept and grow in your new role.

"Written in a simple no-nonsense style, this is a thoroughly enjoyable read. For the Caregiver it literally could be a life-saver!" The Sunday Oregonian

"A treasury of inspiration and common sense to caring for a person with Alzheimer's disease." Clive Evers, Director of Information and Education, Alzheimer's Disease Society

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